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Specialty Home Repair is a complete whole house interior & exterior painting, full service residential home repair company that is also known as Frisco Plano Home Repair Service, Frisco Plano Home Improvement Repair Contractor, Frisco Plano Handyman business.  Remodeling & renovating home kitchens & baths are our specialty. 

Your time is valuable. Specialty Home Repair began out of the realization of the need by many homeowners who did not want to spend or lacked the time, tools & tall ladders to do their own home repairs. Or hire and coordinate several different home improvement repair contractors to complete the variety of jobs.
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es From A - Z" tab at the top of this page to view a complete list of residential home improvement repair services. Even if you've started a project on your own and you'd like someone else to finish it for you, call us for help. For any ongoing periodic maintenance services like light bulb or smoke alarm battery testing and replacement, we can come by on a monthly or seasonal schedule. We remodel and paint the entire home, inside and out also.  Let's discuss your home repair, remodeling and/or maintenance services

"Specialty Home Repair helped us prepare our home for resale. Ron suggested what needed to be improved. Several simple things such as caulking in the showers, kitchen counter and around the windows in order to help it sell quickly for a higher resale price. Our REALTOR® agreed & it did
. Thank you, George H."  Plano, TX

"We have tall trees surrounding our home. Squirrels had gotten in and made a home in our attic last winter. Ron checked the attic to make sure they all were out before he repaired the holes so they could not get back in next year".   M. Stevenson, Frisco, TX   

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